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                          The CBL-Interacting Protein Kinase NtCIPK23 Positively
                          Regulates Seed Germination and Early Seedling Development
                          in Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)
                          Sujuan Shi
                          , Lulu An
                          1,2,† , Jingjing Mao 1,2
                          , Oluwaseun Olayemi Aluko
                          1,2 , Zia Ullah 1,2 ,
                          Fangzheng Xu
                          1,2 , Guanshan Liu 1 , Haobao Liu 1, * and Qian Wang 1, *


                          Tobacco Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qingdao 266101, China;

                          Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Beijing 100081, China
                          Technology Center, Shanghai Tobacco Co., Ltd., Beijing 101121, China
                          † These authors contributed equally to this work.


                          Abstract: CBL-interacting protein kinase (CIPK) family is a unique group of serine/threonine protein
                          kinase family identified in plants. Among this family, AtCIPK23 and its homologs in some plants are
                          taken as a notable group for their importance in ions transport and stress responses. However, there
                          are limited reports on their roles in seedling growth and development, especially in Solanaceae plants.
                          In this study, NtCIPK23, a homolog of AtCIPK23 was cloned from Nicotiana tabacum. Expression
                          analysis showed that NtCIPK23 is mainly expressed in the radicle, hypocotyl, and cotyledons of
                          young tobacco seedlings. The transcriptional level of NtCIPK23 changes rapidly and spatiotemporally
                          during seed germination and early seedling growth. To study the biological function of NtCIPK23
                          at these stages, the overexpressing and CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knock-out (ntcipk23) tobacco lines
                          were generated. Phenotype analysis indicated that knock-out of NtCIPK23 significantly delays seed
                          germination and the appearance of green cotyledon of young tobacco seedling. Overexpression
                          of NtCIPK23 promotes cotyledon expansion and hypocotyl elongation of young tobacco seedlings.
                          The expression of NtCIPK23 in hypocotyl is strongly upregulated by darkness and inhibited under
                          light, suggesting that a regulatory mechanism of light might underlie. Consistently, a more obvious
                          difference in hypocotyl length among different tobacco materials was observed in the dark, compared
                          to that under the light, indicating that the upregulation of NtCIPK23 contributes greatly to the
                          hypocotyl elongation. Taken together, NtCIPK23 not only enhances tobacco seed germination, but
                          also accelerate early seedling growth by promoting cotyledon greening rate, cotyledon expansion
                          and hypocotyl elongation of young tobacco seedlings.


                          1. Introduction
                          Calcium (Ca 2+ ) is a ubiquitous second messenger in the plant. When plants are stim-
                          ulated by environmental and developmental changes, the concentrations of intracellular
                          Ca 2+ changes spatially and temporally, and form diverse calcium signals that are sensed
                          and decoded by different calcium sensors [ 1 ]. Among the sensors, the Calcineurin B-like
                          protein (CBL) family plays an important role in plant responses to stimuli [ 2 , 3 ]. CBLs
                          always interact with CBL-interacting protein kinase (CIPK) family to form a complicated
                          but flexible CBL-CIPK network [ 3 , 4 ]. The latter participates in the regulation of plant
                          responses to biotic and abiotic stresses, through the phosphorylation of downstream target

                          proteins, thus subsequently influencing their activities [ 5 ]. CIPK family is a plant-specific
                          class of serine/threonine protein kinase family, which was also classified as Group 3 of the
                          sucrose non-fermenting 1-related kinases (SnRK3) [ 6 ]. The CIPK family is the key factor
                          linking the upstream Ca 2+ signals to downstream targets in plant stress response signaling
                          pathways [ 2 ]. Generally, CIPKs are structurally conserved, possessing an N-terminal ki-
                          nase catalytic domain, and a C-terminal regulatory domain harboring a NAF/FISL motif
                          and a phosphatase interaction motif. CIPKs interact with the CBLs via their NAF/FISL
                          module [7].
                          Many CIPK family members from different plant species, including Arabidopsis [ 5 ],
                          rice [ 8 ], maize [ 9 ], wheat [ 10 ], and soybean [ 11 ] were isolated and some are deeply eluci-
                          dated. Among these members, AtCIPK23 and its homologs (here we refer to them simply as
                          CIPK23s) are more notable, due to their roles in the regulation of plant responses to abiotic
                          and biotic stresses. Generally, the functions of CIPK23s in these processes are established by
                          its regulation in ion transport. In A. thaliana, two pathways involved in potassium signaling
                          cascade; AtCBL1/9-AtCIPK23-Arabidopsis K + Transporter 1 (AKT1) and AtCBL1-AtCIPK23-
                          High-Affinity K + Transporter 5 (AtHAK5) pathway, were identified to positively regulate
                          K + acquisition under low K + condition [ 12 – 15 ]. Similarly, the OsCBL1-OsCIPK23-OsAKT1
                          and VvCBL1-VvCIPK4-K + Channel (VvK1.2) pathways were also characterized in rice
                          (Oryza sativa) [ 16 ] and grape (Vitis vinifera) [ 17 ], respectively. Under high external nitrate
                          (NO 3 − ) concentration, the AtCBL1/9-AtCIPK23-Nitrate Transporter 1.1 (AtNRT1.1/CHL1)
                          pathway and the AtCBL9-AtCIPK23-Nitrate Transporter 2.1 (AtNRT2.1) pathway were
                          reported to inhibit NO 3 - transport [ 18 , 19 ]. Under low external nitrate conditions, the
                          AtCBL1/9-AtCIPK23-AtCHL1 pathway positively regulates NO 3 - transport [ 18 ]. When
                          the Arabidopsis roots were exposed to high ammonium (NH 4 + ) conditions, AtCIPK23 leads
                          to the allosteric inactivation of high affinity Ammonium Transporter 1 (AMT1) through
                          phosphorylation, and subsequently inhibits NH 4 + transport, thus protecting the plants
                          from NH 4 + toxicity [ 20 ]. In our recent work, AtCIPK23 is strongly upregulated in leaves
                          and roots, significantly alleviates NH 4 + toxicity triggered by high NH 4 + /K + ratio, and
                          reduces the leaf chlorosis and root growth inhibition by regulating the contents of NH 4 +
                          and K + in these tissues [ 21 ]. Under excessive magnesium (Mg 2+ ) stress, AtCBL2/3 interact
                          with AtCIPK3/9/23/26, to sequester Mg 2+ into the vacuole and protect plants from Mg 2+
                          toxicity [ 22 ]. AtCIPK23 also regulates the stomatal closure by controlling anion and K +
                          efflux under drought stress by forming AtCBL1/9-AtCIPK23 complex to activate Slow An-
                          ion Channel Associated 1 (SLAC1) and Slow Anion Channel 1 Homolog 3 (SLAH3) [ 23 , 24 ].
                          Recently, the CIPK23 protein was also identified to participate in biotic stress responses.
                          In cassava (Manihot esculenta), MeCBL1/9-MeCIPK23 positively regulates plant defense
                          response to Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Manihotis [ 25 ]. OsCIPK23 was found to be mainly
                          expressed in pistil and anther, and is up-regulated during pollination. Additionally, the
                          pollen grains of OsCIPK23-RNAi lines were irregularly shaped or pear-shaped and con-
                          tained a large empty central vacuole without any starch granules, resulting in sterility and
                          reduced seed set [ 26 ]. Through a sensitivity analysis of atcipk23 seeds to ABA, AtCIPK23
                          was found to function in seed dormancy and germination of A. thaliana [ 27 ], indicating that
                          ABA signaling might be enhanced in AtCIPK23 loss-of-function materials. A recent study
                          indicated that, AtCIPK23 regulates blue light-dependent stomatal opening in A. thaliana
                          through activation of K + in channels [28].
                          Although the functions of CIPK23s were extensively investigated in A. thaliana and
                          some other plants. However, there are very few reports about their roles in plant growth
                          and development, especially in Solanaceae plants, most of which are economically important.
                          Tobacco is an ideal model plant in the gene functional research of solanaceous plants. In
                          this study, NtCIPK23, a homolog of AtCIPK23, was cloned from Nicotiana tabacum L. cv.
                          Zhongyan 100 (ZY100), and its tissue expression analysis during the seedling emergence
                          was initially analyzed in detail. To identify its biological function, tobacco materials with
                          during the early seedling growth and development was then performed. The results might provide new clues to unveil the biological functions of CIPK23s in solanaceous plants and be of considerable importance for crop production.


                          2. Results
                          2.1. Sequence Analysis and the Subcellular Localization of NtCIPK23
                          Based on the bioinformatic analysis, the homolog of AtCIPK23 (GenBank No. XM_0165
                          94430.1) was cloned directly from N. tabacum L. cv. ZY100 and was designated as NtCIPK23.
                          NtCIPK23 shares 83.56% amino acid sequence similarity with AtCIPK23. Similar to other
                          CIPK proteins, the NtCIPK23 protein harbors the conserved activation loop and NAF motif
                          that is necessary to bind CBL proteins (Figure 1a) [ 5 ]. Phylogenetic analysis indicated that
                          CIPK23 gene is conserved during species evolution, and NtCIPK23 is on the same branch
                          with AtCIPK23 and other CIPK23s, in the phylogenetic tree (Figure 1b).

                          Figure 1. Sequence analysis and subcellular localization of NtCIPK23. ( a ) Amino acid alignment of NtCIPK23 with
                          AtCIPK23. Identical and similar amino acids are shaded black and grey, respectively. The kinase activation loop and the
                          NAF motif, which is named by the conserved amino acids Asn (N), Ala (A), and Phe (F) and is critical for the CBL-CIPK
                          interaction, are also displayed. ( b ) Phylogenetic analysis of NtCIPK23 and CIPKs in Arabidopsis, rice, and other plants. At
                          and Os represent A. thaliana and O. sativa, respectively. ( c ) Subcellular localization of NtCIPK23 in the epidermal cells of
                          N. benthamiana leaves. The red arrows refer to PM. PM marker (pm-rk CD3-1007 plasmid) is A. thaliana fatty acid desaturase
                          8 (AtFAD8) fused with red fluorescent protein mCherry. AtFAD8 is located in plasma membrane and chloroplast envelope.
                          Scale bar is 25 µm.


                          In plants, subcellular localization analysis of a protein can provide useful clues for its
                          functional identification. It was found that, AtCIPK23 and OsCIPK23 are located at the
                          plasma membrane (PM) and play a key role in ion transport, mainly by phosphorylating
                          some PM-located channels and transporters [ 15 , 16 ]. To identify the subcellular localization
                          of NtCIPK23, a plasmid expressing NtCIPK23 fused with green fluorescent protein (GFP) at
                          its C terminus (NtCIPK23-GFP) was constructed and introduced into the epidermal cells of
                          N. benthamiana leaves. Confocal fluorescence microscopy analysis indicated that the strongGFP signal of NtCIPK23-GFP was detected mainly at the PM of the epidermal cells, which coincided with the PM marker pm-rk CD3-1007 plasmid fused with red fluorescent protein mCherry [ 29 ] ( Figure 1c). While a fraction of GFP signal was also detected in the cytoplasm and nucleus. As a negative control, a diffuse pattern of fluorescence that was both nuclear
                          and cytoplasmic was observed in the cells expressing free GFP (data not shown). The results
                          indicated that NtCIPK23 is mainly located on the PM ( Figure 1c) . It might act as other
                          CIPK23s and mainly function at the PM to phosphorylate some PM-located targets [30].


                          2.2. Expression Pattern of NtCIPK23 during Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth
                          As bioinformatic analysis of the native promoter always provides new starting points
                          for the functional characterization of a gene, here, a 2004 bp promoter segment upstream
                          of the start codon of NtCIPK23 was obtained from ZY100, based on the information
                          provided by the NCBI Database  The cis-acting
                          elements of NtCIPK23 promoter were then predicted by the online software PlantCARE
                           . Besides the eukaryotic
                          transcriptional regulatory elements (TATA-box and CAAT-box), there are other kinds of
                          cis-acting elements distributed in the promoter, including light response elements, hormone
                          response elements, anaerobic response elements, and stress defense-related components
                          (Table S1). The number and relative positions of these cis-acting elements are shown in
                          Figure 2a. The analysis indicated that the transcription of NtCIPK23 might be regulated by
                          various environmental signals, such as light, hormone, and some stresses, which hinted that
                          NtCIPK23 might contribute to the growth and developmental processes in tobacco plants.

                          Figure 2. Expression pattern analysis of NtCIPK23. ( a ) The schematic distribution of cis-acting elements of NtCIPK23
                          promoter. The cis-acting elements were predicted by the online software PlantCARE . Different colors and shapes represent different cis-acting elements. The characters in the graph
                          indicate the number of predicted elements. “+” and “-” represent the sense and antisense strand, respectively. ( b ) The
                          GUS staining result at different growth stages of ProNtCIPK23::GUS transgenic plants. The stages include micropylar
                          endosperm rupture and radicle emergence at 3 DAS (I), radicle elongation (II) and hypocotyl elongation during 3~3.5 DAS
                          (III), cotyledon emergence at 3.5~5 DAS (IV), cotyledon expansion during 5~6 DAS (V), cotyledon maturation during
                          6~8 DAS (VI), emergence of the first two leaves at 10 DAS (VII), and expansion of the first two leaves at 14 DAS (VIII). The
                          experiment was performed using three independent repeats (n ≥ 9 plants). Scale bar is 0.5 cm

                          A GUS staining assay was then conducted to study the tissue expression of NtCIPK23
                          during seedling germination and early developmental stages, using the ProNtCIPK23::GUS
                          transgenic lines. Evident GUS activity was detected in the radicle and hypocotyl when
                          the testa was ruptured and the radicle was exposed (Figure 2b(I,II)). During the process
                          of hypocotyl elongation and cotyledon emergence, a slight decrease of GUS activity was
                          observed in the hypocotyl and nascent cotyledons, while no obvious activity was detected
                          in the radicle tissue (Figure 2b(III,IV)). At the expansion stage of cotyledons, strong GUS
                          activity was detected in the hypocotyl and two cotyledons (Figure 2b(V)), and when the
                          cotyledons are fully expanded, GUS activity in the hypocotyl and cotyledons was at its
                          peak (Figure 2b(VI)). After emergence of two leaves, the GUS activity in the hypocotyl and
                          cotyledons declined rapidly to a much lower level, and no obvious activity was detected
                          at the two young leaves (Figure 2b(VII)). Interestingly, it was observed that, during the
                          growth of the two leaves, strong GUS activity in two cotyledons was recovered to a higher
                          level (Figure 2b(VIII). GUS staining assay indicated that a series of spatiotemporal changes
                          of NtCIPK23 occur between the seed germination and early seedling developmental stages,
                          suggesting that NtCIPK23 transcription might be controlled under a sophisticated regula-
                          tory network.


                          2.3. NtCIPK23 Plays a Positive Role in Seed Germination and Post-Germination Seedling Growth
                          under Normal Conditions
                          Evident GUS activity in the radicle and hypocotyl during germination and early
                          seedling growth stages implied that NtCIPK23 might function in this process. To clarify its
                          role, the overexpressing and loss-of-function mutant lines of NtCIPK23 were generated,
                          respectively. Two overexpressing lines (OE15 and OE25, Figure 3a) and one typical mutant
                          line, ntcipk23, were selected for the subsequent phenotype analysis. The ntcipk23 mutant
                          line was obtained by the CRISPR-Cas9 technique (Figure S1), and the C deletion at position
                          67 of NtCIPK23 CDS results in a frameshift at the 5 0 -terminal region of its transcripts and
                          leads to a subsequent translation termination (Figure 3b, Figure S2).
                          Germination rate and green cotyledon percentage of these materials under normal
                          growth conditions were evaluated. Generally, the radicles of ZY100 seedlings normally
                          break through seed coat within 3 DAS, and the cotyledons then emerge and turn green
                          2~4 days later. The seeds of overexpressing lines germinated more rapidly and the
                          radicles elongated at a higher rate, compared to the wild type ZY100, while ntcipk23
                          seeds germinated more slowly and the radicles elongated at a lower rate, although they
                          all germinated eventually (Figure 3c,d). Green cotyledon percentage of these materials
                          was then evaluated for post-germination seedling growth. No obvious difference was
                          observed in the time taken for the cotyledon to emerge and the percentage of both ZY100
                          and overexpressing lines (Figure 3e), which might be triggered by the relative higher
                          expression level in the hypocotyl in wild type plants. At 8 DAS, all seeds of the four
                          plant materials germinated well. The result demonstrated that NtCIPK23 plays a positive
                          role in the process of seed germination and post-germination seedling growth, under
                          normal growth conditions, and knock-out of the gene might affect seed vigor but not the
                          ability to germinate (Figure 3f).

                           Tobacco Seedlings
                          Strong GUS activity was observed in the nascent cotyledons, so the cotyledon
                          growth of different tobacco materials was observed. It was found that, compared to
                          ZY100, the overexpressing lines possessed larger cotyledons, while those of ntcipk23 were
                          smaller (Figure 4a). When the cotyledons were fully expanded and the leaves emerged,
                          the cotyledon area of each material was measured. The cotyledon area of
                          NtCIPK23-overexpressing lines was significantly larger than that of ZY100, while the area

                          2.4. Overexpression of NtCIPK23 Promotes the Cotyledon Expansion of Young Tobacco Seedlings
                          Strong GUS activity was observed in the nascent cotyledons, so the cotyledon growth
                          of different tobacco materials was observed. It was found that, compared to ZY100, the
                          overexpressing lines possessed larger cotyledons, while those of ntcipk23 were smaller
                          (Figure 4a). When the cotyledons were fully expanded and the leaves emerged, the cotyle-
                          don area of each material was measured. The cotyledon area of NtCIPK23-overexpressing
                          lines was significantly larger than that of ZY100, while the area of ntcipk23 was indicatedto be slightly smaller (Figure 4b,c). The data indicated that overexpression of NtCIPK23
                          promotes the cotyledon expansion of tobacco seedlings

                          Figure 4. The phenotyping and data analysis of the cotyledon area of different tobacco materials. ( a ) Tobacco plants with
                          different cotyledon size at 8 DAS. Scale bar is 0.5 cm. ( b ) Cotyledons of different tobacco materials. Scale bar is 0.5 cm.
                          ( c ) The analysis of cotyledon area of different tobacco materials. Different lowercase letters (a and b) indicate significant
                          differences at p < 0.05 according to the LSD test. The data are shown as the mean ± SE. n = 24, independent samples
                          collected from three experiments.

                          2.5. NtCIPK23 Positively Regulates the Hypocotyl Elongation of Young Tobacco Seedlings
                          Strong GUS activity was observed in the tobacco hypocotyl during seed germina-
                          tion, so the hypocotyl length of different tobacco materials was quantified. It was found
                          that, under constant light, the hypocotyl length of these two overexpressing lines was the
                          longest, followed by the wild type ZY100, and the nicipk23 mutant possessed the shortest
                          hypocotyl, indicating the promotive function of NtCIPK23 in hypocotyl elongation (Fig-
                          ure 5a,b). As the crucial function of light in hypocotyl elongation and the distribution of
                          some light-responsive cis-acting elements was predicted in the NtCIPK23 promoter, we
                          investigated the influence of light on NtCIPK23′s expression by GUS staining (Figure S3)
                          and qRT-PCR (Figure 5c). It was shown that the expression of NtCIPK23 in hypocotyl in
                          the dark treatment was at a higher level, which was about ten times more than that undand upregulated in the dark. To further analyze the role of NtCIPK23 in hypocotyls, a
                          germination experiment under dark conditions was performed. It was found that a more
                          evident difference of hypocotyl length between ntcipk23 and ZY100 was observed than that
                          under the light, which means the upregulation of NtCIPK23 triggered in the dark promotes
                          the hypocotyl elongation (Figure 5d,e). Consistently, the hypocotyl length of NtCIPK23-
                          overexpressing lines was also significantly longer than that of ZY100 (Figure 5d,e) . Taken
                          together, NtCIPK23 works as a positive regulator in the process of hypocotyl elongation

                          Figure 5. The phenotype and data analysis of hypocotyl in tobacco materials with different NtCIPK23 expression levels.
                          ( a,b ) Hypocotyl phenotype of different tobacco materials under light. ( c ) Expression of NtCIPK23 in the hypocotyl of wild
                          type ZY100 seedlings under the light and dark conditions. The relative transcript levels were normalized to the abundance
                          of reference gene NtL25. ( d,e ) Hypocotyl phenotype of different tobacco materials in the dark. The plants under dark
                          (wrapped by aluminum foil) were taken out at 6 DAS. Different lowercase letters ( a – c ) indicate significant differences at
                          p < 0.05 according to the LSD test. The data are shown as the mean ± SE. n ≥ 20 plants, independent samples collected
                          from three experiments. Scale bar is 1.0 

                          To date, CIPK23 was found to act as a major regulator driving root responses to di-
                          verse environmental stimuli, including drought, salinity, and nutrient imbalances [31–
                          33]. However, only a few investigations were conducted to characterize their roles in
                          plant normal growth and development. Moreover, there are few reports about CIPK23
                          genes in Solanaceae. In this study, a solanaceous CIPK23, NtCIPK23, was cloned from N.
                          tabacum and its function in tobacco growth and development was first characterized.
                          Through the analysis of expression pattern and phenotyping of tobacco lines with dif-
                          ferent NtCIPK23 expression levels, NtCIPK23 was found to enhance seed germination
                          and early seedling development in tobacco.
                          For most dicotyledonous plants, cotyledon is the main storage organ that provides
                          nutrients for seed germination and early seedling growth, and it is also the first organ
                          for photosynthesis after germination [34]. Therefore, cotyledon plays a critical role in the
                          early stage of seed germination and seedling growth. Here, it was found that the expres-
                          sion level of NtCIPK23 was dramatically enhanced during cotyledon greening and
                          reached a peak when the cotyledons were fully expanded (Figure 2b(Ⅴ,Ⅵ)). Consistent-
                          ly, seed germination rate and cotyledon greening rate, as well as the cotyledon size,
                          were all shown to be related to the relative expression level of NtCIPK23 (Figures 3 and
                          4). The results hinted that NtCIPK23 might function as an activator to facilitate nutrient
                          Figure 5. The phenotype and data analysis of hypocotyl in tobacco materials with different NtCIPK23 expression levels.
                          ( a,b ) Hypocotyl phenotype of different tobacco materials under light. ( c ) Expression of NtCIPK23 in the hypocotyl of wild
                          type ZY100 seedlings under the light and dark conditions. The relative transcript levels were normalized to the abundance
                          of reference gene NtL25. ( d,e ) Hypocotyl phenotype of different tobacco materials in the dark. The plants under dark
                          (wrapped by aluminum foil) were taken out at 6 DAS. Different lowercase letters ( a – c ) indicate significant differences at
                          p < 0.05 according to the LSD test. The data are shown as the mean ± SE. n ≥ 20 plants, independent samples collected
                          from three experiments. Scale bar is 1.0 cm.

                          3. Discussion
                          To date, CIPK23 was found to act as a major regulator driving root responses to
                          diverse environmental stimuli, including drought, salinity, and nutrient imbalances [ 31 – 33 ].
                          However, only a few investigations were conducted to characterize their roles in plant
                          normal growth and development. Moreover, there are few reports about CIPK23 genes in
                          Solanaceae. In this study, a solanaceous CIPK23, NtCIPK23, was cloned from N. tabacum
                          and its function in tobacco growth and development was first characterized. Through the
                          analysis of expression pattern and phenotyping of tobacco lines with different NtCIPK23
                          expression levels, NtCIPK23 was found to enhance seed germination and early seedling
                          development in tobacco.
                          For most dicotyledonous plants, cotyledon is the main storage organ that provides
                          nutrients for seed germination and early seedling growth, and it is also the first organ
                          for photosynthesis after germination [ 34 ]. Therefore, cotyledon plays a critical role in
                          the early stage of seed germination and seedling growth. 


                          expression level of NtCIPK23 was dramatically enhanced during cotyledon greening and
                          reached a peak when the cotyledons were fully expanded (Figure 2b(V,VI)). Consistently,
                          seed germination rate and cotyledon greening rate, as well as the cotyledon size, were all
                          shown to be related to the relative expression level of NtCIPK23 (Figures 3 and 4). The
                          results hinted that NtCIPK23 might function as an activator to facilitate nutrient conversion,
                          chloroplast development or photosynthesis establishment, and thus positively promote
                          seed germination, cotyledon extension, and greening.
                          NtCIPK23 was abundantly expressed in hypocotyl, and its expression level was
                          greatly upregulated in dark treatment (Figures 2 and 5c, Figure S3). Obvious inhibition
                          of hypocotyl elongation in the ntcipk23 mutant was observed (Figure 5a). Hypocotyl is
                          the structure connecting root, shoot tip, and leaves in young seedlings. Its elongation is
                          a critical growth stage for the epigaeous seedlings, to geminate in the dark in soil and
                          reach for light [ 34 ]. Emergence capacity and emergence time of a seedling are strongly
                          influenced by its hypocotyl length and the elongation speed [ 35 ]. Based on the knowledge
                          of AtCIPK23 in ion uptake or transport [ 14 , 15 , 20 , 21 ], NtCIPK23 might promote hypocotyl
                          elongation and seedling emergence by interfering in cell turgor and cell elongation by
                          regulating ion absorption or transport.
                          Thus far, a wide variety of nutrient transporters were characterized to be the regulatory
                          targets of AtCIPK23, including AKT1, AtHAK5, AtKUP4, AtNRT1.1, AMT1.1, SLAC1,
                          SLAH3, etc. [ 31 , 36 ]. Through interfering their activity, the kinase regulates plant response
                          to the absorption or transport of various ions. Its regulatory mechanisms under different
                          conditions vary, by activation or inactivation, in a Ca 2+ -dependent or -independent manner,
                          interacting with CBLs or not [ 31 ]. All these factors contribute to the specification of
                          AtCIPK23 0 s role. Which nutrient transporters might be the targets of NtCIPK23 in tobacco?
                          Which CBLs are its interacting partners? Are there any diverse functions in tobacco plants?
                          These questions are far from being answered, and are needed in the future.
                          AtCIPK23 was found to be highly expressed in cotyledon, leaves, and radicle in Ara-
                          bidopsis seedlings, but not in hypocotyl [ 15 ], which is different from NtCIPK23. Phenotypic
                          analysis of atcipk23 also showed that the absence of AtCIPK23 does not significantly af-
                          fect the hypocotyl elongation and seed germination of A. thaliana [ 15 , 20 ]. All these data
                          hint that AtCIPK23 might be dispensable during hypocotyl elongation or seedling emer-
                          gence. Although AtCIPK23 and NtCIPK23 are homologous genes with similar nucleotide
                          sequences, due to the different expressional level in hypocotyl, the two genes play different
                          roles in hypocotyl elongation. Therefore, during the functional characterization of homol-
                          ogous genes, enough attention should be paid to the specific intracellular environments,
                          including the expression pattern (species, tissue, organ, cell-type, treatment), upstream or
                          downstream pathways, interactive targets, etc. [ 37 ]. On the basis of these differences, genes
                          with high homology might have different functions. The knowledge is very useful in the
                          functional study of an individual gene member from its multigene family, especially when
                          there is functional redundancy. Meanwhile, it was also clearly shown that conclusions
                          from model plants, such as A. thaliana, could not represent all conditions in plants, and
                          different species have their own characteristics.
                          Different kinds of phytohormone response, anaerobic response, photoreactive, and
                          stress defense-related elements were found in NtCIPK23 promoter, which strongly suggests
                          that NtCIPK23 might be regulated by numerous environmental or cellular factors. Consis-
                          tently with the prediction, GUS staining assay demonstrated that during the short stage of
                          early seedling growth, obvious expressional changes of NtCIPK23 occurred spatiotempo-
                          rally. It hinted that NtCIPK23 is probably regulated by a vastly complicated network, in
                          which the light, phytohormone, and other kinds of factors are involved. The following RT-
                          qPCR detection also confirmed this prediction, which indicated the regulatory role of light
                          and dark in NtCIPK23 expression (Figure 5c). As other CIPK23 genes are proved to occupy
                          a crucial position in nutrition, development, and stress tolerance in plants [ 3 , 4 , 22 , 38 ], the
                          upstream regulation pathway of NtCIPK23 might be an interesting point to be focused on.

                          It is worth mentioning that hypocotyl elongation is an important process for the
                          epigaeous seedlings. It ensures that the cotyledons are unearthed and reach for light in
                          time [ 39 , 40 ]. All factors involved in this fundamental growth period can directly affect
                          seedling emergence and uniformity. Currently, the latter is given more attention in intensive
                          planting and standardized management [ 41 ]. Contributions of NtCIPK23 to hypocotyl
                          elongation in this study suggested that the gene is of potential agronomic significance in
                          the improvement of seedling emergence and uniformity, and it is quite necessary to deepen
                          the knowledge of NtCIPK23 in seed germination and early seedling growth.
                          4. Materials and Methods
                          4.1. Plant Materials and Growth Conditions
                          N. tabacum L. cv. Zhongyan100 (we refer to it simply as ZY100) and other ZY100
                          materials with different NtCIPK23 expression levels were used in this study. During
                          germination and GUS histochemical assay, tobacco seeds were sown on two pieces of filter
                          paper saturated with water, in a culture dish, with vermiculite underlying the filter paper.
                          For the measurement of hypocotyl length and the cotyledon size of tobacco plants, seeds
                          were sown on perforated 96-well PCR plates, which were filled with vermiculite, and
                          saturated with water. Seeds in different treatments were cultivated under constant light at
                          ? C
                          ± 1
                          ? C, 60
                          ± 5% relative humidity. For the dark treatment, the seeds were sown on
                          perforated 96-well PCR plates with vermiculite, saturated with water, and put into boxes
                          wrapped by aluminum foil.
                          4.2. Gene Cloning and Plasmid Construction
                          Based on the BLAST analysis, one sequence of AtCIPK23 0 s homolog (GenBank No.
                          XM_016594430.1) in N. tabacum was obtained from NCBI website 
                          nih.gov/Blast.cgi), using AtCIPK23 sequence (At1G30270) as the template. NtCIPK23
                          sequence was mapped on Ntab-TN90_scaffold36089 in tobacco genome database  The segments of NtCIPK23 CDS and its promoter were
                          then cloned from ZY100, based on the design of corresponding primer pairs NtCIPK23-
                          1F/NtCIPK23-1R and NtCIPK23pro-1F/NtCIPK23pro-1R. The CDS segment was used for
                          generation of overexpression lines. PCR products of NtCIPK23 and its promoter were lig-
                          ated to pMD19-T to obtain pMD19-T-NtCIPK23 and pMD19-T-ProNtCIPK23, respectively.
                          To construct the expression vector for subcellular localization, NtCIPK23 segment
                          was amplified from plasmid pMD19-T-NtCIPK23, using the primer pair NtCIPK23-3F-
                          NcoI/NtCIPK23-7R-SalI. PCR products were digested with NcoI and SalI, and ligated into
                          the NcoI/SalI-digested pCambia1300. The plasmid was named as pCambia1300-NtCIPK23-
                          GFP. To generate the overexpressing vector of NtCIPK23, pMD19-T-NtCIPK23 (reverse
                          insertion) plasmid was digested by SmaI/SalI, and the released segment was ligated into
                          SmaI/SalI-digested pCHF3. For the construction of the pBI101-ProNtCIPK23::GUS vector,
                          the primer pair NtCIPK23pro-2F-HindIII/NtCIPK23pro-2R-BamHI was used. The PCR
                          product was digested with HindIII and BamHI and cloned into HindIII/BamHI-digested
                          pBI101 vector.
                          The potential guide RNA (gRNA) sequence was initially obtained by CRISPR Multi-
                          Targeterbased on the sequence of NtCIPK23
                          CDS. The main principles behind the screening of potential gRNA target were that (1)
                          the binding position of gDNA should be close to the transcription initiation site; (2) the
                          binding position of gRNA should be within the coding frame; and that (3) the gRNA is
                          specific to distinguish NtCIPK23 and its homologous genes in ZY100. Based on the analysis
                          of CRISPR MultiTargeter and the outlined requirements above, a potential primer target
                          (ATGATGTAGGGAGGACCCTTGGG) was obtained. Before the synthesis of gRNA primer,
                          (1) NGG was deleted; (2) one G was added, if the 5 0 end was not G; (3) the reverse comple-
                          mental primer was acquired; and (4) GATT at 5 0 end of forward primer and AAAC at 5 0
                          end of reverse primer were also added, respectively. The primer pair NtCIPK23CR-1Target-
                          1F/NtCIPK23CR-1Target-1R of gRNA was obtained. The gRNA expression cassette wasthen inserted into BsaI-HF (NEB company)-digested pORE-Cas9 binary vector to generate
                          the NtCIPK23-CRISPER/Cas9 vector [42].
                          The primers used in the experiments are shown in Table S2. All clones derived
                          from the PCR products were verified by sequencing, and the recombinant plasmids were
                          confirmed by restriction analyses.
                          4.3. RNA Extraction, RT-PCR, and Real-Time Quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) Analyses
                          To test the expression level of exogenous NtCIPK23, total RNA was extracted from
                          the leaves of transgenic plants, using a phenol-based method [ 31 ]. cDNA was synthesized
                          from 1 µ g total RNA for RT-PCR, using the PrimeScriptTM RT kit (TaKaRa Biotechnology
                          Co., Ltd., Dalian, China). NtL25 is a ribosomal protein gene (Accession No. L18908), widely
                          used as a common internal control in N. tobacum [ 43 – 45 ]. The primer pairs NtCIPK23-
                          qF/pCHF3-Allcheck-2 and NtL25-F/NtL25-R were used to detect the expression levels of
                          exogenous NtCIPK23 and relative quantification in RT-PCR [ 43 ]. The primer pair NtCIPK23-
                          qF/pCHF3-Allcheck-2 was used to detect the expression levels of exogenous NtCIPK23
                          in RT-PCR. The pCHF3-Allcheck-2 is a specific reverse primer antisense to the adjacent
                          sequence, exactly after the multiple cloning sites of transgenic vector pCHF3 (Figure S1).
                          In RT-PCR, only the transcripts of exogenous NtCIPK23, but not those of endogenous
                          NtCIPK23, were amplified as the templates. The amplification reactions were performed
                          in a total volume of 20 µ L, which contained 7.2 µ L ddH 2 O, 0.8 µ L forward and reverse
                          primers (10 µ M), and 2 µ L cDNA (diluted 10 times after synthesis), 10 µ L 2 × rTaq Mix
                          (TaKaRa Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Dalian, China). PCR was conducted as follows: 95
                          ? C for
                          3 min, followed by 30 cycles of 95
                          ? C for 30 s and 55 ? C for 30 s and 72 ? C for 1 min, then
                          ? C for 10 min.
                          To investigate the expressional changes of NtCIPK23 in the hypocotyl, RT-qPCR was
                          conducted. Total RNA was extracted from the hypocotyl of ZY100 plants treated in the
                          dark or under light (at 6 DAS). The cDNA synthesis method was the same as the above
                          process. The SYBR Premix Ex TaqTM (TaKaRa Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Dalian, China) kit
                          was used for quantitative analysis. Specific primer pairs NtCIPK23-qF/NtCIPK23-qR and
                          NtL25-F/NtL25-R were used for RT-qPCR and relative quantification, respectively. The
                          mean values of at least three biological replicates were normalized using the NtL25 gene as
                          the internal controls [ 45 ] The amplification reactions were performed in a total volume of
                          20 µ L, which contained 10 µ L 2 × SYBR Premix Ex TaqTM, 7.2 µ L ddH 2 O, 0.8 µ L forward
                          and reverse primers (10 µ M), and 2 µ L cDNA (diluted 10 times after synthesis). PCR was
                          conducted as follows: 95
                          ? C for 1 min, followed by 40 cycles of 95 ? C for 10 s and 60 ? C for
                          34 s. Relative quantitative analysis was performed using the standard curve method, and
                          the instrument used was Roche LightCycler 96 Instrument (Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.,
                          Basel, Switzerland). Three biological replicates were included for data quantification. The
                          primers used in the experiments are shown in Table S2.
                          4.4. Generation of Transgenic Materials
                          To generate the NtCIPK23-overexpressing lines and ProNtCIPK23::GUS transgenic
                          plants, pCHF3-NtCIPK23 vector and pBI101-ProNtCIPK23::GUS vector were transformed
                          into Agrobacterium tumefaciens EHA105, respectively, and then introduced into N. tabacum
                          L. cv. Zhongyan100 via the Agrobacterium-mediated method [ 46 ]. Thirty-four NtCIPK23-
                          overexpressing plants and 16 ProNtCIPK23::GUS transgenic plants were screened out by
                          genomic PCR and RT-PCR/GUS staining. The seeds (T1 generation) of transgenic lines
                          were screened on 1/2 MS medium containing 50 µ g/mL kanamycin, and were selectively
                          propagated for T2 generations to obtain the homozygous lines. Seven independent and
                          homozygous T2 overexpressing lines with single copy insertion were finally selected,
                          and 6 lines exhibited similar phenotypes in germination and early seedling growth. Two
                          lines (T2-OE-15-11 and T2-OE-25-4, referred to as OE15 and OE25, respectively) were
                          selected for phenotype analysis. As to the ProNtCIPK23::GUS materials, 3 independentand homozygous T2 lines with single copy insertion exhibiting similar expression pattern,
                          were finally obtained. T2-55-13 was selected for expression analysis of NtCIPK23.
                          To obtain loss-of-function materials of NtCIPK23, CRISPR/Cas9 system was used for
                          targeted mutagenesis of NtCIPK23 in ZY100 [ 42 ]. The workflow is shown in Figure S1 .
                          To generate independent C0 plants, all transgenic seedlings were separated from differ-
                          ent tobacco calluses (one seedlings-one callus) and transferred to the rooting medium;
                          52 C0 plants were obtained. Among these plants, 17 C0 plants were confirmed to be
                          edited via direct sequencing of PCR products, using the specific primer pair NtCIPK23-
                          1-UTR2F/NtCIPK23-1-145R, which could distinguish NtCIPK23 from other tobacco ho-
                          mologs. Same PCR products were then cloned into pMD19-T vector, and the gene editing
                          events were confirmed by the monoclonal sequencing (clone number > 80). The C0 plants,
                          in which all 80 clones showed the same editing site, were considered to be NtCIPK23-edited
                          homozygous lines. There were 6 homozygous and 12 heterozygous plants, respectively.
                          All 6 plants exhibited the same C deletion at the target site, which resulted in a frameshift
                          at the 5 0 -terminal region of NtCIPK23 transcripts and finally led to translation termination
                          ( Figure S2 ). The seeds of C0 homozygous seedlings (C1 generation) were obtained indi-
                          vidually by self-pollination, and their editing condition was confirmed again by another
                          cycle of sequencing (clone number > 80). The 6 C1 lines showed similar developmental
                          phenotypes, and a typical homozygous line (C1-33#) was designated as the ntcipk23 mutant
                          and used in the experiments. The primers used in the experiments are shown in Table S2.
                          4.5. GUS Histochemical Assay
                          Germination of ProNtCIPK23::GUS seeds occurred within 3 days after sowing (DAS)
                          (denoted as radicle emergence through the seed coat). Seedlings at different growth
                          stages, including the micropylar endosperm rupture, radicle emergence and elongation,
                          hypocotyl elongation, cotyledon emergence and expansion, cotyledon maturation, and
                          emergence and expansion of the first two leaves, were selected for GUS histochemical
                          staining. The samples were completely immersed in GUS staining solution (Lot.1127A19,
                          Beijing Leagene Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Beijing, China) and incubated at 37
                          ? C for 24 h.
                          Afterwards, the chlorophyll of the samples was completely removed with ethanol for the
                          microscope observation.
                          4.6. Subcellular Localization Assay
                          The pCambia1300-NtCIPK23-GFP plasmid, PM (Plasma membrane) marker pm-rk
                          CD3-1007 and pGDp19 were transformed into A. tumefaciens EHA105, and were then infil-
                          trated into leaves of N. benthamiana, as described previously [ 29 ]. Pictures were captured
                          with confocal microscope (Leica TCP SP8, Leica Microsystems, Germany), 48 h after infil-
                          tration. The GFP was excited at 488 nm and its emission was captured at 550–590 nm [ 47 ].
                          The mCherry was detected at 543 nm and its emission was captured at 570–600 nm.
                          4.7. Measurement and Statistical Analysis
                          Radicle protrusion was used as an indicator for seed germination. Green cotyledon
                          percentage was determined to indicate the tobacco post-germination seedling growth.
                          Generally, the radicle breaks through seed coat within 3 DAS. When the radicle began to
                          protrude from the testa, the germination percentage was measured (during 2.5~3.5 DAS).
                          The green cotyledon percentage was calculated when the cotyledon began to turn green
                          (during 3~5 DAS). To measure the cotyledon size of seedlings, mature cotyledons of the
                          seedlings at 8 DAS were sampled and placed on 1/2 MS medium, and the images were
                          taken by an automatic colony counter (Shineso 2.0, Hangzhou Shineso Biotechnology
                          Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China). To measure the hypocotyl length, the seedlings at 8 DAS
                          were taken out of the 96-well PCR plates and washed gently by water, and pictures of
                          the images were taken. The seedlings required for the measurement of hypocotyl length
                          in the dark (wrapped by aluminum foil) were sampled at 6 DAS. Each experiment was
                          independently performed using three biological repeats with three technical replicates.

                          The number of seedlings for the measurements of green cotyledon percentage, cotyledon
                          size, and hypocotyl length were about 100 seedlings, 24 cotyledons (from 12 seedlings),
                          and 20 hypocotyls for each plant materials in one biological repeat. All seedlings were
                          randomly selected.
                          Cotyledon area and hypocotyl length were measured by the image processing software
                          ImageJ . Data obtained by ImageJ were analyzed by one-way
                          ANOVA using the statistical software SPSS 16.0 and were
                          demonstrated by OriginPro 9.0 
                          Supplementary Materials: The following are available online at 
                          7/10/2/323/s1. Figure S1: The acquisition workflow of the ntcipk23 mutant; Figure S2: Translation
                          overview of NtCIPK23 CDS from ZY100 and ntcipk23; Figure S3: The GUS staining analysis of
                          ProNtCIPK23::GUS transgenic tobacco plants during the hypocotyl elongation stage under light
                          and in the dark; Figure S4: The multiple cloning sites of the over-expressing vector pCHF3 and the
                          position of the specific primer pCHF3-Allcheck-2; Table S1: The list of cis-acting elements predicted
                          in NtCIPK23 promoter; and Table S2: Primers used in the experiments.
                          Author Contributions: Formal analysis, S.S. and L.A.; investigation, S.S., L.A., J.M., and F.X.; method-
                          ology, S.S., L.A., and Q.W.; resources, S.S. and L.A.; writing-original draft, S.S., L.A., and Q.W.;
                          validation, J.M.; visualization, J.M. and O.O.A.; writing-review & editing, O.O.A., Z.U., F.X., and G.L.;
                          conceptualization, H.L. and Q.W.; funding acquisition, H.L. and Q.W.; supervision, H.L. and Q.W.;
                          project administration, H.L. and Q.W. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of
                          the manuscript.
                          Funding: This work was provided by Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province, China
                          (ZR2017QC003), International Foundation Tobacco Research Institute of CAAS (IFT202102) and the
                          Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program (ASTIP-TRIC02 and ASTIP-TRIC03).
                          Institutional Review Board Statement: Not applicable.
                          Informed Consent Statement: Not applicable.
                          Data Availability Statement: The data presented in this study are available on request from the
                          corresponding author.
                          Acknowledgments: We are grateful to Andreas Nebenführ (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences
                          Center, USA) for kindly providing the plasma membrane marker pm-rk CD3-1007.
                          Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.


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                          during development and abiotic stress. Mol. Genet. Genom. 2010, 283, 233–241. [CrossRef]
                          44. Wu, M.L.; Cui, Y.C.; Ge, L.; Cui, L.P.; Xu, Z.C.; Zhang, H.Y.; Wang, Z.J.; Zhou, D.; Wu, S.; Chen, L.; et al. NbCycB2 represses Nbwo
                          activity via a negative feedback loop in tobacco trichome development. J. Exp. Bot. 2020, 71, 1815–1827. [CrossRef]
                          45. Trolet, A.; Baldrich, P.; Criqui, M.C.; Dubois, M.; Clavel, M.; Meyers, B.C.; Genschik, P. Cell cycle-dependent regulation and
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                          enhances salt tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Rep. 2015, 34, 2053–2063. [CrossRef] [PubMed]


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